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SystemPak is now a Part of the Omni Group

The year of 2016 gives us the next foundation platform for the future.
System Pak is now a Part of the Omni Group.

We are committed to continue to be ‘‘The partner for to your success…’’

System Pak has been in operation now for over 25 years and we are proud to announce this
major leap forward in the company’s history, as now part of Omni Group. Our alliance with the Omni Group
of companies unites decades of experience and knowledge of the packaging industry, even further strengthening
our ability to provide the ‘Perfect Packaging Solution’ for every need across the industry.

Omni Group is the creator of ‘Perfect Packaging Solutions’. Internationally renowned as the industry innovator,
we are the most trusted and influential packaging specialist across Australia and New Zealand.

Omni Group continues to revolutionise the packaging industry by engineering and manufacturing its
Omni Products in our local and overseas manufacturing plants. The alliance with Omni Group brings much
excitement to the industry and will give you, our client ongoing increased benefits as this international
company is well known for the high ethical standards of business & product selection.

We would like to thank you personally for your investment in System Pak by allowing us to
provide you the highest level of product and service by entrusting us to provide you with your packaging solutions.

Improved Website : June 2014

Our upgraded website was built to provide our customers quick and easy access to our range of products to include all product features and benefits. We are continually striving to improve our service to you, and in the coming months, we will be doing so with new products & features.

Release of Omni Plana Wrapper : March 2014

Only 18 mm thickness, Omni Plana is the lowest turntable in the world!

Thanks to its reduced height, the ramp is only 20 cm long, the turntable loading will be very easy and strain-free, no need to take a run up to pass the ramp, no danger to stumble against the ramp or slip while pushing the load on the ramp with a hand pallet truck. No ramp means space saving too, 1.5 square meters that can be used instead of being occupied by a ramp. If you use an electric pallet truck, you will not have any problem, it doesn’t matter how long the forks are, if you use a forklift you will never damage the bottom frame bumping it with the forks, as the bottom frame is so low that forks are always in a higher position.

Click here for further details – Omni Plana Wrapper

Release of Omni Motus Wrapper : May 2014

A rotating arm that is also a portable wrapper: a flexible solution that allows you to wrap where you need to wrap. This Motus machine is to work in combination with an electrical pallet truck which it is fixed to. It is powered by the electrical pallet truck battery, in this way there are 2 machines in 1, a pallet truck that is still a pallet truck but also a pallet wrapper.

• Click here for further details. Omni Motus Wrapper